We specialize in beautiful, fine art newborn baby photography.

They are only this small for just an instant…You will want to remember their little tiny toes, fluffy hair, squishy legs, and all that is new and fresh about them. They are brand new, and they will change so quickly.

Newborn sessions are for babies up to 1 month old, but for best results babies need to be around 5-15 days old on the date of the session, as after this time they can lose their newborn ‘curl’ and are less sleepy.

Custom newborn photography sessions are held in our comfortable home studio in Reseda Ranch California.
It’s well equipped with props, blankets and backgrounds and it is perfect for a variety of styles.

Before the session, we will discuss the styles that you love and I will work with you to capture the type of images you will want to cherish forever.

Ideally you need to book during pregnancy. Please allow 2-3 hours for your newborn photography session, as we allow time for feeding, diaper changes, and of course cuddling!

Following your session, you’ll want to show off your new photographs at their very best. We offer a wide variety of personally selected, luxurious and handcrafted frames, canvas, medal portraits, albums and other premium products available for purchase. In addition to our fine art products we also offer digital files which can be purchased individually or as a collection.